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Handling emergencies is stressful enough, but it's particularly hard when you don't have the cash to take care of them. You might consider a charge card or a cash advance, but you run the risk of high payments and really high interest rates. Some people ask friends or relatives for help, but that often works out with hard feelings and misunderstandings when the loan isn't paid back quickly or you can't agree upon a fair interest rate. There really is a much better option when you need financial help. You could look into car title loans Midlothian, which is far easier than taking out a personal loan with a friend. You'll know early on how much money you can get, what your interest rate will be and when the loan comes due. There won't be any confusion or misunderstandings about loan terms. Borrowers can use the cash from car title loans to buy groceries, repair the car, cover emergencies, use the cash to put a deposit on an apartment or anything else they require. A working automobile, income and a lien free title is about all you need to get cash at the last minute within one day of applying.

Easy Application Process

Do You Meet the Four Requirements to Get a Loan?

  1. Anyone interested in applying for a car title loan must be 18 or older to sign a contract. You can provide confirmation of your age by presenting Herleman Financial with your driver's license or a state identification card.
  2. Vehicle titles are used to secure loans, so you must have a vehicle that runs. You won't necessarily have to have an inspection of your automobile, but you should expect a few questions about the current condition and whether it has ever been in an accident.
  3. A way to repay your loan. Even though we offer flexible repayment plans, you'll still need to show proof that you have regular income to make loan payments. We allow several sources of money, which are acceptable for making payments such as alimony, disability, unemployment, pension income, self-employment, business income, Social Security and more.
  4. The vehicle title, which will be used to secure your loan. Make sure there won't be any problems by checking the title to see it is in your name. You will also need to check that the title does not list any lien holders. If there are one or more lien holders, you should confirm that the auto loan used to purchase the vehicle is truly paid off. If it is, you'll need to ask the lender for the lien release to get a new title. You can update titles at any nearby Department of Motor Vehicles.

Where Do We Fill Out Applications?

  • Use our handy online application.
  • Call us to apply.
  • Complete your application at our loan store in Midlothian.

What Information Is Needed to Complete an Application?

  • Name, zip code and phone number.
  • An odometer reading with the model, make and style. The year your vehicle was manufactured.

How Much Cash Could I Get?

Typically, loan amounts are decided in part by the value of the auto submitted as collateral and income. Larger loans are usually awarded to people with more income who also have newer cars that are worth more money. Overall, loans on older models tend to be worth several hundred and newer vehicles could result in loan amounts for thousands of dollars.

Tips About Auto Title Loans Midlothian

You won't be asked to state a reason for getting a loan.

Cash you can depend on when you really need help.

No restrictions governing the use of your automobile while you're making payments.

Consumers receive competitive interest rates and larger loan pay outs with secured loans.

Borrowers are free to choose the best repayment package to meet their needs.

Discovering How the Car Title Loan Process Works

Why Choose Vehicle Title Loans Midlothian Over Other Loan Options?

  • Secured loans like title loans Midlothian usually come with larger loan amounts, which give you more money to work with.
  • A minimum of 30 days or more to repay the loan, which helps if your income is a bit on the low side or you have other bills to consider.
  • Lower interest rates as a result of securing the loan.
  • You can apply online without having to drive anywhere.
  • You'll get your cash just as fast or faster than using payday loans or cash advances.

No Loss of Vehicle Use

The last thing you want is to lose the use of your car after taking out a loan. Herleman Financial feels the same way, so you can use your car anytime during the loan term.

Fast & Simple Qualifying for Title Loans Midlothian

Qualifying for most people is simple when you have income and your lien free car title. We never pull credit information, so you can't be disqualified because of poor credit.

Covering the Legal Aspects of a Loan

The state of Texas watches out for the rights of consumers by implementing title loan regulations, which govern interest rates and other loan terms. For example, in this state, interest rates are automatically capped at just 10 percent. Borrowers can also take up to six months to pay off loans. Once the loan details have been established during the loan consultation, you'll receive a written contract at a loan store, which states loan terms and agreements.

Picking up Loan Funds

After handing in your vehicle title, you will be presented with your loan funds.

Making Payments

Your first payment will be due according to the repayment schedule you received at your loan closing.

Help When You Need It

Don't forget, Herleman Financial is always just a call away if you need help. You can also reach us anytime at the nearest loan store.

Get the financial support you're looking for with title loans Midlothian.

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